Ian Gregory Blain has been playing music since he was ten years old. He co-founded the band Padlock in late 2009, and played lead guitar/composed for the group until its split in 2012. He continued to perform various venues with his brother until 2013, when he formed a solo project. March 2014 saw the release of his first solo album, self-titled Gregory Blain. In November 2014, he released his second album, entitled Venezias. This album was named after a venue in Midland that he frequently performs at on weekends. After touring London, Paris, Barcelona, and Rome in June 2015, Ian created an album entitled Mind The Gap. You can watch the mini documentary on the album and his European journey here

Ian now regularly performs at the following locations:

Venezia's -- Midland, TX

Music City Mall -- Odessa, TX

Private Events -- TX

Ian also offers a semester or continuing guitar class in private residences or at his home studio in Odessa, TX.


Photographer: Matthew Speer

Musician: Ian Gregory Blain

Location: Chamber Secret Garden -- Odessa, TX